Watermaid of Canada Inc. is located in Tottenham Ontario Canada

Watermaid Canada is a commercial pool sales service and repair company.  We have limited residential pool parts.  We do not do residential pool repair or service.  We provide support for Watermaid customers both commercial and residential.  We do not have a retail store. 

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If you are a residential customer with questions about water quality issues of any kind, or equipment that is not Watermaid, please contact your local pool professional for assistance.

Watermaid Canada Residential

PHONE 416-999-1279

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.watermaid.ca

Watermaid Canada Commercial Pool sales, service, repair and refurbishing.

Please contact us for any Commercial Pool or Hot Tub Questions:

Phone 705-730-0136

email:   [email protected]

Watermaid United States Residential

Call or Text 334-840-6426

Email: [email protected]