We often get calls or emails asking for help with a Watermaid cell that doesn’t seem to be working.  There are a few quick things that you can do to try and get things working before you spend money on parts or a service call from your pool professional.

If you start the Watermaid unit up and you only get a flashing yellow light, please check the following

1/ unplug the brass plug at the top of the cell.  Clean the brass pin with emery cloth or fine sandpaper.  Clean the socket that the brass plug goes into as well.
2.Lubricate the brass pin with dielectric grease.  You can get it at any automotive place.  It is used on car battery terminals
3/ follow the grey cable to the bottom of the power supply box that hangs on the wall.  Remove the single screw in the little black plastic cover that goes over the grey wire at the box.  Check the brass screws for corrosion and make sure that they are tight.
These 3 steps fix 90% of the problems with the cell.