The Watermaid cell comes with all of the parts of the cell and the grey cable that connects it to the power supply. Please note that the white venturi assembly at the bottom of the cell that connects it to the plumbing is sold separately Removing the cell 1/ Turn off the power to the system using either the switch on the bottom of the unit or the circuit breaker

White deposits in a cell are normal and are a by-product of the generation of chlorine by the cell.  The white deposits that build up in the cell are calcium.  The most common cause for the calcium is from the products that you put in the pool.  Granular shock is about 1/2 calcium.   Chlorine pucks that some people use to supplement chlorine production are about the same.  The biggest

  Watermaid Programming I am often asked how to tell if the salt level is correct in a pool with a Watermaid system. There are a couple of programming modes that the Watermaid system can be set to. One simply turns on the LED’s, on the front of the power supply, to match the production level set. The other mode will measure the current flow between the plates in the