Lamotte ColorQ Reagents from Watermaid


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ColorQ Reagents

ColorQ by Lamotte

Pool and hot tub professionals know that accurate water testing and proper dosing are the key to good pool water quality.  Most people rely on dip sticks or drop reagents in samples where they then need to determine the proper shade of yellow against a colour chart.  If you need a reading that isn’t simply my water has chlorine in it or the pH is sort of in the right range, you either need to rely on the pool store or take matters into your own hands.

Tired of inaccurate water test results? You need a digital color comparitor.  You need a ColorQ by Lamotte.   The unique, multi-test  hand-held photometer measures test factors directly on a digital display. Featuring an innovative dual-optic design.  First of all the colour of the tested sample is measured by a colour analyzing light.  Secondly another colour analyzing light measures the colour of the same sample.  Finally the ColorQ compares the two results to ensure that the measurements are the same.  As a result, the ColorQ provides more accuracy and more test factors.

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Customers who use the Color Q don’t need to visually determine slight color variations or use look-up tables.  As a result the guesswork is taken out of  pool-side water analysis.  For Pool owners, the results of the 2 sample colour comparison are displayed on the digital display .  The results are measured to 2 decimal places.  As a result you can get measurements such as free chlorine 2.35.  Try getting that accurate with a dip stick or that liquid reagent thing you got at the store and had to compare it to a colour scale.

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ColorQ reagents

ColorQ Reagents

The liquid reagents that are used in the ColorQ series of pool water testers are sold through Watermaid Canada.  We have photometers as well as all of your replacement regents, test vials and CYA tabs

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