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What pool pump should I choose?

For true energy savings, a variable speed pool pump is the way to go.
The advantage of a variable speed pump is that it can change its operating speed and set the operating time.

Most pool owners set a lower, more efficient operating speed, but in addition, you can still set a timer to automatically control the speed.  For example, you might want to increase the RPM when an automatic pool cleaner is working to help it clean more efficiently, but then restore the pool pump to a lower, more efficient speed.

As a result, the variable speed pump will save you money every year.
Variable speed pumps save on electricity cost and long-term maintenance, up to 90% in some cases.

Slow and steady

There are a lot of benefits that come from using a variable speed pump and running it at a lower speed.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Each piece of pool or spa equipment can be run at its recommended flow rate for best performance
  • Lower flow rates through the filter will capture smaller particles resulting in cleaner water
  • Better distribution of chemicals since the pump is running for a longer period of time
  • Quieter operation
  • Real energy savings

The Affinity Law

The common belief is, ‘I will reduce the speed or horsepower of my pump by 50% and as a result, I will save 50 per cent on their energy bill”.  But, his is not how thigs really are.  By reducing the speed of a pump by 50%  energy costs are slashed an amazing four times as much as the reduction in motor speed. This is known as the pump Affinity Law.  The Affinity Law  law is used to understand the relationship between several variables involved in pump performance (e.g. head, volumetric flow rate, pump speed and power).

Of course, running a pump at half speed will double the time it takes to completely cycle the pool water but, doubling the run time only uses a quarter of the energy the pump would require running at full speed. As a result, there is a 75 per cent saving in electricity.

Variable Speed Pool Pump benefits

Having a VSP allows homeowners to further save on electricity costs by simply reducing the pump’s speed even further. In other words, every time the pump’s motor speed is reduced, the Affinity Law applies again.

When running at capacity the FB Series 3HP Variable Speed Pump will draw 2400 watts and pump approximately 550 litres per minute (lpm) (145 gallons per minute [gpm]).  (actual lpm/gpm will vary with the system head pressure). At 1,725 rpm the pump will draw 375 watts with about 310 lpm (82 gpm).  As a result, this is an astounding saving of approximately 87 per cent.

Energy Star 3.0, CEC, DOE,ETL

  • Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) (kgal/kWh) Field details:
  • Percent Above ENERGY STAR Requirement Field details:

Plumbing compatible with Pentair® Intelliflo®/ Whisperflo®. 2”x2”

HP 3.0HP
Voltage 230 V
Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan- cooled (TEFC) motor provides maximum
energy efficiency and long-lasting

Features of our pool pump

Our pump has an innovative diffuser and high-efficiency impeller to maximize water flow and energy efficiency.  As a result, noise and operating costs are minimized.

All components molded of corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic for extra durability and long life

Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor resulting in maximum energy efficiency and long-lasting performance

See-through lid makes inspection fast and easy.  Engineered polymer remains clear and strong.

Lid is easy to remove and quickly locks in place with a quarter-turn

Massive strainer basket for ease of maintenance

American design mechanical seal using carbon to ceramic sealing surfaces

Stainless steel shaft

Simple servicing

Fully factory tested



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