Watermaid EZY 300 Cell (EZ300) FREE SHIPPING


FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA The Watermaid EZY 300 cell (EZ300Cell)is made for residential pools up to 150,000 litres with an operating salt level of 6,000 ppm using the WM40 Power Supply. The cell can operate at any water temperature. No cold water shut downs No need to warm the pool in the spring. No low salt shut down. It just works

Watermaid EZY 300 cell


Watermaid EZY 300 cell 

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Watermaid EZY 300 Cell

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Free Shipping In Canada

Watermaid EZY 300 cell 


In Canada Watermaid sells only one type of residential cell The Watermaid EZY 300 cell also known as EZ300 cell or EZ-300 cell.   It is made to chlorinate pools up to 150,000 litres.  it comes apart for easy cleaning, it stands upright in the plumbing to form a gas trap for safety and to minimize installation length.  Most of all, Watermaid uses the highest quality materials in their cells.  Therefore the cell is not damaged by cold water conditions found during spring start up in Canada.  As a result, there is no need for pool owners to wait until the pool water reaches a certain temperature before turning on their Watermaid salt water system.  Our cells will operate at any water temperature (above freezing) and will not be damaged like other units.

The Watermaid EZY 300 cell has chlorine production 25% higher than other models on the market.   Consequently there is no need for a “Super Chlorinate ” feature.  As a result, the unit produces more than other units while in boost mode.  With high quality plating in addition to a well designed power supply the Watermaid EZY 300 cell can operate easily at its design salt level of 6000 parts per million.   Why Does Watermaid Use a Higher Salt Level?  Read more here


The EZY 300 cell comes apart for ease of maintenance.  Calcium deposits form when producing chlorine.  These deposits form on the cathode which is the centre tube of the Watermaid EZY 300 cell.  We have made this piece removable and as a result, it can be cleaned easily.  Read more about white cell deposits here


The Watermaid EZY 300 cell, installs on a venturi assembly.  This serves two purposes.  First of all, if the cell ever becomes plugged, the restricted water flow will not damage the pump. Finally, it makes for the shortest pipe lenght installation.   (7.87 in).  This is especially relevant when installing the unit in a tight location.

The Watermaid EZY 300 cell does not need a flow switch which tend to fail or foul up and become useless.

Want to know more about Watermaid?  Visit the parent company website here.


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